Lorde Team Music Video

her hairstylist and makeup artist show us how.

by liza darwin and steff yotka

Hopefully by now we've all seen "Team" at least once (let's be real, more like ten times), but who says the obsession has to end there? Lorde's darkly enchanting new music video is still firmly planted in our brains, and so is the epic hairstyle and makeup she sports throughout the entire thing.

First let's tackle her hair... It's rare that we get to see the 17-year-old New Zealand pop star without her signature undone curls, but she's pulled a fast one here with a handful of cornrows. And yes, it's easy enough to copy this look yourself. We quizzed the pro behind the look, Lorde's go-to hairstylist Tyson Kennedy, on his step-by-step process. He suggests starting on unwashed hair, and don't worry about making the braids too tight--the goal here is a "fuzzy, ethereal" result. 

Read on for our exclusive tips from Kennedy and his colleague Leila Nations from New York's Cutler Salon:

1. Comb the hair so that it is tangle-free.

2. Part the hair down the middle. This is to ensure that all three sections are symmetrical. Clip each side away so you can clearly see what you are doing.

3. Start with the right side. Make a diagonal parting off the center part to create half the triangular section for the top. Clip the section above the right ear away. This is the hair for the braid on the right side.

4. Make another diagonal parting to create the other half of the triangle for the top section. Join this section with the one you previously created to make the top triangular braiding section. The remaining hair on the left side is what will be your third braid. Clip this away. 

5. Make sure that with the parting, extend all the way down to the nape of the neck. Once you get to the crown, the parting should naturally even out with the curve of the head and should no longer be diagonal. The parting from the back should look parallel.

6. Start with the top section and cornrow all the way down the head stopping at the nape. Secure with a hair tie. Continue with the sections on the left and right also securing with a rubberband at the nape.

**Pro-tip: We use

Fatboy Perfect Putty

on our fingertips to ensure clean sectioning while braiding. 

7. Once all the braids are secure and tied off you have three little ponytails hanging down the back. separate each pony into three sections. Spray with hairspray and curl using a 1" curling iron. 

8. Once all the curls are done and completely cool, brush them out using a

Mason Pearson


9. Now we want to secure these three sections together. Take a small piece of hair from underneath and wrap around all the sections joining them together and hiding the rubberbands. Secure underneath with a bobby pin. 

10. Hold all the hair in one hand and brush it with the other, following the hair with the none brush hand. to integrate the hair together and coaxing a wave. you should now see an "S" wave. 

11. Last step!! Now back to the braids. Take the palm of your hands and ruffle up the cornrows to your liking. We do this to create a fuzzy and ethereal look. Voila! 

But if it's Lorde makeup look you're really after, we got the scoop from MAC Artist Amber D., who created a look for the singer that was meant to "strengthen Ella's look by adding a little depth." Amber told us, "The makeup was powerful but not heavy. I wanted to keep a youthful beauty and radiance in the skin. Ella is 17 so it's important that she looks cool but not too makeup-y!" Read on for Amber's explanation of how she did Lorde's makeup look--you're definitely going to want to try this one at home, folks. 

1. I always use a combo on Ella that starts by mixing MAC Strobe Liquid with MAC Prep and Prime Natural Radiance Pink which instantly energizes the skin.  

2. Then the base is perfected by sparingly using MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation and Studio Finish Concealer

3. A little Prep and Prime Powder was used to take away any unwanted shine and to keep skin looking super fresh. 

4. The high points of the face were illuminated using MAC Cream Color Base in Luna and Pearl.

4. Eyelids were given a warm, golden, and metallic glow using MAC Tan Pigment mixed with MAC Fix and Spray. This technique turns the pigment into a liquid metal effect. 

6. I deepened the crease using MAC Eyeshadow in Embark.  This is a shade I use often with Ella as it really is the perfect shade for a deep brown smoky eye.

7. Ella’s deep burgundy lips are a combination of MAC Pro Lipmix in Black, Cyan, and Fuchsia. A great alternative to achieve a similar look is MAC Lip Pencil in Night Moth with Viva Glam Lipstick 3.