Lorde Doesn’t Want Your Acne Advice, Thank You Very Much

“Yes, I wash my face! I’m just genetically cursed.”

Lorde isn’t shy about having acne. She’s gone on Instagram wearing acne cream before and regularly reminds her fans that flaws are okay. She’s accepted her skin’s shortcomings, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t taking steps to address them. She is and she doesn’t need your unsolicited advice, either.

“Acne sucks,” the singer said in an Instagram story video, while using an LED light therapy device. “You know what also sucks? When you’ve had acne for years and years and years, done all the drugs, tried all the things, and people are still like, ‘You know what worked for me is moisturizing!' ” She goes on to list the other skin-clearing suggestions people have thrown at her. “Make a mask out of honey, Greek yogurt, and avocado!” “All you need to do is buy an apricot scrub!” “Coconut oil, the secret is coconut oil!”

The zinger though, Lorde continues, is when people just think you’re dirty and don’t wash your face. “Yes, I wash my face!” she says. “I’m just genetically cursed.” As is the case with most acne-sufferers. It’s important to remember that everyone’s skin is different and something that works for you might be a disaster for someone else. So, keep that in mind next time you recommend this “really, really great spot treatment that cleared up my skin overnight!”

And for those dealing with skin woes, Lorde shells out this message: “For anyone out there who’s got bad skin—and actual bad skin, not just the kind of bad skin you can just use a fancy cream for a few days and it’ll get better—I feel your pain. We’ll get there, we will, I promise.”