photo via @lottietommo123 Instagram


Introducing The Coolest New Hair Trend…

*~*~* rainbow roots *~*~*

Lottie Tomlinson is truly making a name for herself, and she's not using her big brother Louis (of One Direction) to do it. With an experimental eye for cosmetics, Lottie is on her way to becoming an It-girl in the beauty world. Two months ago, the 17-year-old launched her own beauty tutorial channel on YouTube so that her 2.1 million followers could watch more than 15-second clips on Instagram. With the help of her makeup mentor Lou Teasdale, Lottie recently bleached her hair and then dyed the roots literally every color of the rainbow. It's certainly taking this summer's pearlescent hair trend to the next level.

We're sure that a step-by-step video guide is under way, but for now we can take a peek at the process in the photos below.