Loulou Robert for Ash

loulou robert is so cool, she’s got the same name twice.

by rebecca willa davis

If you're French and your name is Lou, there's a good chance we'll have a major girl crush on you.

See: Lou Doillon, and now Loulou Robert.

The latter is the latest It Girl to capture our Francophile hearts, in large part because she's got this effortless mix of grace and rebellion (think Jemima Kirke, but with a French accent). Roberts recently relocated to New York City, surrounding herself with stacks of books and her cat while living a bohemian life most of us dream about.

And we're not alone; the model, who recently relocated to New York City, is the face of the spring '14 lookbook for Ash (the Italian shoes-bags-jackets brand). "The idea and concept of the shoot was to show 'La Vie Boheme' of a young woman. As we started to shoot I understood why they chose me--Ash doesn't want to show a model, but more of a way of life," is how Robert puts it. It makes it easy to capture when you've got not one but two famed photographers behind the camera--husband-wife duo Harper Smith and Cameron Duddy (the latter is behind the very-rock'n'roll music video for Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven"). "The product was amazing and the model, Loulou, made me look good!" says Smith.

We've got a first look at the campaign, some behind-the-scenes shots and video (and hey, if you want to know what her beauty routine is like, you definitely don't want to miss this). No judgement if you decide to start going by Lou, too.