Lou Teasdale Bedhead

lou teasdale’s guide to perfect bedhead.

by liza darwin

There's a fine line between perfectly mussed-up hair and just plain messy— and if there's anyone who consistently stays on the right side of the line, it's Lou Teasdale.

The hairstylist (famed for crafting none other than Harry Styles' covetable locks) and Fudge Urban Brand Ambassador has been sharing her secrets to everything from side braids to Clueless-esque mini buns in some seriously genius YouTube tutorials, and we've got an exclusive first look at her latest creation. 

And guess what! It's inspired by herself. Below, Teasdale shares her step-by-step guide to scoring her own beachy waves (plus bangs) in under two minutes.

So go ahead and set your alarm a little later tomorrow morning, and watch Teasdale's how-to below.