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rachel bilson and nicole chavez design new handbags!

by faran krentcil

For a certain type of "gotta have it" girl, wanting Rachel Bilson's clothes and accessories has become something of a national past time. From her Marc by Marc flats on The O.C. to her more recent Chloe bootie phase, we can measure our lives in Bilson's shoes. That's probably why she was asked to start ShoeMint with her longtime stylist Nicole Chavez and designer Steve Madden this year - and so far, her collection of affordable wedges, stilettos, and ballerina slippers has regularly replenished our closet. Plus: See Rachel Bilson on NYLON TV!

Now Bilson's moved onto handbags, introducing a range of ShoeMint totes and satchels that cost the same as her shoes (about $80) and look just as ready for the pages of People StyleWatch. The new line has two shoulder bags piped in black and neon leather, plus two cross-body purses with lemonade yellow and hot pink accents. See also: Kate Bosworth's clutches for JewelMint. They're adorable, stylish, and down-to-earth... so basically, we'd assume Bilson designed them even if they weren't on the homepage of her website...

Shoemint Handbags by Rachel Bilson + Nicole Chavez. $80 each on