Luxury is a Sport

This LA-based designer doesn’t play around…

by Josh Madden

Luxury is a Sport

When it comes to design, LA-based interior decorator-turned-luxury product creator Elisabeth Weinstock doesn't play around (pun intended). When she realized that her clients loved the one-off pieces she was making, she decided to take a shot (pun #2). After 10 years in the interiors biz Weinstock sold a four-foot tall snakeskin box at Maxfield and it was game over (okay we'll quit punning now). Seriously though, when the designer started bringing high-end dreams to life, collectors couldn't get enough and a full collection of exotic goods soon followed.

Our favorite items from Weinstock's ever-expanding collection are the Boa Football, Anaconda Boxing Gloves, and Water Snake Soccer Ball. These decorative pieces are a sweet addition to any bachelor pad, office, and are surefire conversation starters. The designer also makes custom items, which already has us envisioning croc skin skateboard or maybe a stingray basketball! If you're in Los Angeles you can see Weinstock's creations in person at 8159 West 3rd street, and if you're not you can check it all out 


. One thing is for sure, we think her designs are a home run.