photo via MAC


mac is launching a cinderella collection

now everyone can be a sparkle princess

Disney's upcoming Cinderella remake is exciting in its own right. Add a limited-edition MAC collab to that, and you've got a recipe for around-the-block lines and lipsticks that are sure to sell out within seconds.

The collection is a brilliant idea: For many of us, at least around here, the desire to transform into a magical princess will never truly die. Of course, we have to balance that desire with the realities of our day jobs and other adult responsibilities, so all too often we find ourselves putting our inner princess on the back burner (cue the tiny violins). This glittery sparkle-party of a makeup line will allow us to be princesses on the sly: To the rest of the world, it's just purple nail polish. But you know that it's Evil Step Mother. And your pretty pink lip gloss? It's a Glass Slipper, duh.

In short, we've been waiting for this collaboration for our entire lives. We just didn't know it. 

Check out images of the full line on It's launching online February 26 and will be in stores March 5. (via Allure)