Mariah Carey Probably Already Has M.A.C’s New Holiday Collection

All we want for Christmas is everything

M.A.C’s upcoming holiday collection has us all scrambling for our wallets. This year’s collection is titled “M.A.C. Snow Ball,” and the name couldn’t be more fitting for the level of glow the brand is throwing at us this winter.

The line features a super-festive selection of shadows, fake eyelashes, lipsticks, and, highlighters. The shade range is well-done this year—the lipsticks include not only your classic blue-toned holiday reds but also pinks and everyday nudes as well. The eyeshadows are mostly in the pink-Champagne range, but they made sure to throw a pretty versatile crease color in there. Of course, everything is covered in glitter to give you the maximum snowball effect, especially the highlighters which are the most spellbinding of all. 

M.A.C. also made sure to include a number of classic holiday kits, which start at just $29.50 and make great gifts. As per usual, they have all the bases covered, with an additional variety of eye kits, lip kits, palettes, and more. Also, can we talk about the packaging for a second? It's this amazing gold-foiled design, and the whole thing looks super-luxurious. We're excited, but you know who's excitement probably trumps ours? Mariah Carey. Homegirl already has her Christmas tree up, she's probably been rocking the collection for weeks now. 

Everything will be available online and in stores from October 19 to November 30, so make sure to grab it before it’s gone! Check out some of our favorite products below.