Out Of This World: M.A.C. Is Launching A Star Trek Collection

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    by · July 29, 2016

    Photo courtesy of M.A.C.

    M.A.C. junkies live and breathe all things M.A.C., creating a fandom that seems almost unheard of. The only other fan base that can remotely rival this beloved makeup brand’s is Star Trek, so why not combine the two? M.A.C. embraced the continuation of Star Trek, featuring Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, and Zachary Quinto, with a 25-piece makeup collection—and we’re out of this world excited.

    Keeping the galaxy theme close to heart, M.A.C. created lustrous silvers, shiny golds, mercurial greens, and many more “cosmically charged hues,” encasing Star Trek into every tube of gloss and stick of eyeliner. Each product, which ranges in price from $14 to $34, is named with a Star Trek pun that only the truest fans could understand, such as “Khaaannnn!” and “Skin of Evil.” The diversity of products is something alone to smile about—M.A.C. incorporated brushes, nail lacquer, lipstick, eyeliner, lashes, mascara, lipglass, powder, and eyeshadow into the product offering. With this one collection, you could have a complete galactic makeover.

    To top it all off, M.A.C.’s packaging puts us over the moon by giving us on-brand, minimal black matte cases, and a sophisticated, silver spaceship logo. Nothing too out of the ordinary for M.A.C., but just enough to make it special.

    Although Star Trek’s plot may be light years ahead of our time, this collection will be ready for us soon. Fans can purchase the products online at M.A.C. starting August 25 and in stores from September 1 to October 13.

    Click through the gallery below to take a closer look at every new product.

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