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mad men meme monday

don’t call it a comeback.

by steff yotka

It's Mad Men's seventh season, and as a religious viewer since episode one, I feel like the show as a whole is a little past surprises. At this point, there's very little that Don, Betty, Megan, Joan, Roger...or really any of the characters could do to really make my jaw drop. That said, they're still all surprising each other, as last night's episode, "Field Trip," proved. 

Don dropped in on Megan in Los Angeles unannounced, and then surprised Roger at his home (a hotel), only to stop in at SC&P the following morning without warning. (Shouldn't he really have known that Roger would have a "late breakfast" and not mentioned his meeting with Don to anyone?!) Megan did some surprising of her own too, practically stalking a casting agent in hopes of getting a part.

Upstate, Betty made a shocking transformation into Mother of the Year, chaperone-ing Bobby on a field trip, only to have it turn sour over something as inane as a white bread sandwich. 

So yes, the characters of Mad Men are just as out of touch and self-obsessed as they've always been, but maybe there's some change on the horizon? I'm not holding my breath on that, but I will be posting these memes all over my Tumblr. Check them all out in the gallery.

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Don and SC&'s a bad relationship for both parties, but it's never going to end.

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Dawn seems to be easing into her role as Head of Personnel, though Don's sudden return isn't helping her. He still treats her like his secretary and she seems #overit. Let's see how this plays out next week....

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Wait, when did everyone turn on Don?! I understand he effed up majorly at the Hershey's meeting, but that was months ago and there's really no denying that Don is a creative wizard who's saved SC&P many times. I understand that Jim Cutler may never be #TeamDon, but Joan and Burt? I expected more from them.

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Betty really tried to me a good mother to Bobby--she even drank the cow's milk!--but at her core, Betty really only cares about herself. It's only a matter of time before Bobby gets wise to her manipulative ways like Sally did. I think it's pretty safe to say that if Mad Men was set in 2003, it would just be Arrested Development with Betty as Lucille Bluth, Sally as Lindsay Bluth, Bobby as Michael, and Gene as Buster. 

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If only Betty could know that in the future, Bobby's look would be so welcome on the sidewalks of the LES.

I'm just waiting for the episode that explains what's going on with Roger. He's going to a dark, lonely, drunk place filled with "room service" and hippie parties.

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What kind of husband doesn't compliment his wife's new teeth?! Oh, yeah, the totally self-obsessed, ashamed kind. Megan's life in Los Angeles isn't going how she expected, so it's easy to see why she'd want to keep Don on her roster of friends, even if he's a terrible husband. Once she figures out he's been lying all along (and that he has no intention to move to LA), she cuts the cord. But how is she going to pay for her pad in the hills?