#nylongirlproblems: shoes made in the usa

we love america and our feet do too.

by rachael wang

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The Question:

It's hard to find great, stylish boots made in the USA and/or manufactured by ethical companies. Help!

The Answer:

My favorite American made boot company is Modern Vice. I toured their factory a few months ago which is right smack in the middle of NYC. Take a gander at the styles in the gallery, I guarantee you'll find a pair you love and will feel good about rocking. 

Modern Vice The Bond Boots -- $398

Modern Vice Presley Fringe -- $285

Modern Vice Chloe with Removable Harness -- $325

Modern Vice Chloe Boot -- $325

Modern Vice The Handler -- $375

Modern Vice Dove Bootie -- $245

Modern Vice Jett Pastel Boot -- $325

Modern Vice Chloe with Removable Hardware -- $395

Modern Vice The Jett Officer -- $398

Modern Vice Jett Studded -- $550