required reading

listen up world, because madonna has life advice for you.

by liza darwin

Madonna on making out with a grill and which of her songs you should listen to after a breakup. (Racked)

The Adventures of Pete & Pete might not be on Nickelodeon anymore, but now the series is back as a podcast! (Consequence of Sound)

Everybody hates the smell of nail polish remover, which is why we're SO happy they've finally invented a scentless version. Phew. (Into the Gloss)

Future power couple alert! Jourdan Dunn wants her son Riley to date Blue Ivy about 15 years. (Grazia UK)

The OC gets a remake! Ugh, too bad it's only in Turkey. (Variety)

Warning: this burger watch is going to make you very, very hungry. (NYLON Guys)