Watch Madonna French Kiss Drake at Coachella

and everyone is freaking out

Drake closed out the first weekend of Coachella last night, and apparently he played a bunch of hits and some songs off his latest mixtape. But none of that mattered because Madonna showed up during his set, and after performing a medley of her hits "Human Nature" and "Hung Up"—oddly, two songs that aren't on her new album, Rebel Heart—Madonna did the most Madonna thing ever and French kissed the rapper for what seemed like an eternity.

Popular opinion seems to be that Drake was grossed out by Madonna's kiss, with Dazed going as far as calling it one of "the most horrific kisses that this planet has ever seen." On social media, there were cries of sexual harassment. First of all, this is what a horrific kiss looks like. Second of all, everyone who thinks this kiss is gross is just age-shaming a 56-year-old pop megastar for kissing some dude half her age. Yes, Drake looks a frazzled after the kiss, but what would you look like if Madonna just tongued you down in front of 60,000 people? As she strutted off stage, she reminded us all that "Bitch, I'm Madonna," which is to say, "I've earned the right to do what I want." 

And as usual,