Someone Created A Mash-up of “Bad Blood” And “Bitch I’m Madonna”

it. is. everything.

by lindsey lanquist

All the “Bad Blood” vs. ”Bitch I’m Madonna” arguments can now come to an end, because it seems the two songs have combined forces to become one epic mega-song.

That’s right. In case you needed the perfect Friday morning pick-me-up, someone just created a mash-up of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" and Madonna's recent release "Bitch I'm Madonna." And it’s basically everything you could ever want.

The mash-up combines the hard-hitting bass underscore of “Bad Blood” with Madonna’s fun, poppy vocals and pulls in the undeniably catchy “Bitch I’m Madonna” beat drop at all the right moments—thus creating the ultimate party anthem. Plus, it heavily features Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj’s verses on the songs, which, you know, rocks.

Even better, the video accompanying the mash-up involves cut-together clips of Madonna’s crazy party at the Standard with Taylor Swift’s general “Bad Blood” badass-ness, so you can now experience Beyoncé voguing and Taylor Swift walking through a blaze of fire in the same video.

We're interpreting this to mean that it's pretty inconsequential which video is better or whose squad is more worthy of the hashtag #squadgoals, because now there is one super music video featuring one super squad. And really, what more could you want?