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festival diary: magic man

relive firefly fest with the band!

by liza darwin

With high-flying synth jams like "Paris" to their name, Magic Man already has the whole summer soundtrack thing on lock. But here's another reason we're obsessed with the Boston quintet--not only are their songs amazingly fun, but these guys are, too.

Case in point: this weekend's Firefly Festival in Delaware, where the band conquered the crowd with tracks like "Texas" and singlehandedly transformed the grounds into one massive sweaty dance party. Missed 'em? No worries, because band members Alex, Gabe, Joey, Justine and Sam recorded all of the on and off-stage action for us in this photo diary. Check out exclusive photos below, and don't forget to pre-order their new album Before The Waves here!

Picking up our artist passes and credentials. We're lucking to have an amazing tour manager to help keep us organized .

Chilling pre-show in the artist area backstage. So many incredible bands in one place.

Festivals are a great way to re-connect with our tour buds. Here’s Alex with Alex Kandel of Sleeper Agent. We loved touring with these guys earlier in the year--it's great crossing paths with them on the road.

With the crowd at the end of our set. Amazing turn out for the set--an amazing and humbling experience .  

Sam and Justine setting the stage.

Justine making sure everything is in order.

Cheeky J's corner of the stage!

Sam tuning up.

Gabe is always ready.

We spend countless hours in the van, driving from show to show. Here we are enjoying one of Joey's mix tapes.

Backstage reunion with our touring buddies Sleeper Agent, and some of the New Politics crew. Always amazing to run into these jokers.

Sam and all his toys.

Our tour manager, Dana, took this amazing polaroid. Great memories, great festival, great day.

Alex doing his thing.

Justine busting out some moves.

Being super serious with an interview. Well, some of us are at least.

Eating on the road gets tiring. Luckily we often find some great roadside gems.