the blackly beautiful appeal of amber perfume.

by liza darwin

If we've learned anything from watching Halloween movies year after year, it's that while black magic is evil, white magic is always good.

L.A. perfumer A Treatise on White Magic clearly has the right idea, because they've made musky, mysterious scents that are impossible to resist. Using an intense woodsy black amber balm as a base, the eight different options range from sweet-smelling rose and vanilla, to the unexpectedly awesome, like peppery vetiver. Don't be scared by the pitch-black base- they blend onto your skin totally sheer.

And although each one is definitely bold enough to wear solo, you can also layer them to create customized perfumes (the website even suggests complementary scents to mix and match).

But the best part? At only $25 each, we can create our own magic potions without breaking the bank.

Get them online.