These Magically Infused Oils Are Essential For Cooking

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    by · July 14, 2016

    Here’s a kitchen hack for you: regular cooking oils, like olive oil, can be transformed into potions. Olive oil can be infused with not only herbs to enhance flavor but also intention to conjure that pay raise. Yep, there’s magic in your pantry.

    There’s no need for cauldrons or crystals. All it takes are a variety of dried herbs and olive oil to cast a spell that also satisfies your stomach. Dried rose petals will open your heart and have you swiping right despite those past Tinder nightmares. Chamomile will soothe, making you receptive to the little things (hey, lucky sidewalk pennies add up). And sage is basically an edible Band-Aid for the soul.

    Wash and dry herbs overnight to avoid bacterial growth because botulism is anything but charming. You can place dried herbs in a clean mason jar and pour oil over it, letting it sit for two to four weeks. Or if you want to start brewing immediately, heat olive oil in a saucepan with the herbs over medium-low heat, and let steep for two to five minutes. Remove the oil from the heat, and let cool for at least two hours. All those recipes that call for olive oil just got more enchanting.

    Who knows? The olive oil drizzled over your avocado toast could lead to the funds for your next vacation. Whether you believe or not, at least you’ll be eating better.

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