does sally hansen’s new magnetic polish actually work?

by jazzi mcgilbert

We hypothesize and experiment with any new nail treatment we can get out hands on. But in our experience, if there's one thing that rarely, if ever, passes the test it's magnetic polish. So when we heard of a new one from our favorite, Sally Hansen, we were skeptical but curious enough to try... The raw data: The new magnetic polish comes in 9 jewel-tone shades at $9.99 each, with a special magnet attached to the bottle cap. Instructions: - Shake it up - Apply base color to all 10 nails and let it dry completely. - Apply a thick coat of alternating color - Quickly hold the magnetic cap over the wet nail for 10 seconds. - Repeat for all 10 nails. - Tilt the cap for varying patterns Here's the verdict: Gasp! - it actually works. However, there is a learning curve. It took at least 15 minutes of trial and error before we got it right. There were do-overs due to knocking the magnetic against our wet nails (doh!) but we eventually found the secrets to success: make sure you "activate" the polish by shaking up - for every. single. nail. It's a workout. And do not wave the magnet around your nail, hold it in one steady place. The colors also dried a bit dull, but pop to life with a quick top coat. Full disclosure: we only painted one hand before we got bored, but we like the look and might conquer our left hand after lunch. So what do you think? Are you attracted or totally repelled by the look? -- JAZZI McGILBERT