Maisie Williams Launched A YouTube Channel

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by jenny lee

YouTube is currently booming with so many personalities that it can get a little tiresome to sift through and find someone you really care to subscribe to. But Maisie Williams has come to the rescue, as she so often does, and she's cured your YouTube woes. The 18-year-old actress just launched a new YouTube channel, and even though she only has one video up, we're already scrambling to subscribe.

Her first video is a Q&A "to celebrate reaching 1 million followers on Twitter," according to the video description. In it, she addresses all the burning questions like "Have you ever cried because of Game of Thrones" and "Do you have a boyfriend?" (yes to both). She even spills on some major Season 5 spoilers (so approach with caution). Her YouTube personality is charming and wonderfully refreshing, and she later tweeted that she dropped her phone out of excitement over her channel.