Photo courtesy of Facebook.

The New Facebook Reactions Just Got DIY!

all cats, please

Sigh, we were just settling into the new spread of Facebook reactions and getting into our groove with what deserved a "wow" versus a "love." As things were getting comfortable and, naturally, we were already getting bored with throwing "haha" on every meme shared on our timeline, news popped up that this isn't the way things have to be. Gizmodo delivered the social media bomb that the reactions are actually customizable, and both Firefox and Chrome offer easy ways to install them via a browser add-on.

What can you have instead, you ask? Well, pretty much anything you want. You can choose from pre-made packs like Rick & Morty, Pokémon or... Donald Trump (pass). If nothing available suits your refined palate, you can always create and upload your own pack to the widget, though it requires a bit of extra work on your end. Isn't it worth it though, to have that perfect reaction for every occasion? The possibilities, literally, end only with the scope of your imagination. Brb, designing our Neko Astume set.

(via E! Online)