making the band

what time is it? fafi o’clock!

by jazzi mcgilbert

Picking the perfect wallpaper background for your phone can take more time than it's worth and attempting to tell time while you rifle through that black hole of a status bag is no easy feat either. Which is one good reason a traditional time piece is a mainstay accessory.

Swatch has been the purveyor of awesome plastic watches since the '80s, when people rocked them as ponytail holders and they collaborated with the likes of Keith Haring. Now for Spring/Summer 2012, the "face" of the Swatch & Art series isn't a model or Grandfather Time, but rather graffiti by Fafi and pouty lips drawn by Hideaki Kawashima. In true Swatch fashion, the collection is graphic, rad and way cheaper than a Rolex at about $60.

Shop the collection now and rock Fafi in your high pony this summer.