photo via @manbunsofdisneyland


the man buns of disneyland instagram account will put a spell on you


From DILFs to man buns, Instagram is quenching its thirst for that Y chromosome in truly magical ways. The image sharing’s latest double-tapping love affair deals with the hairstyle du jour: le bun d'homme.

Using the hashtag #manbunsofdisneyland, Disney goers more concerned with the follicle stylings of the park’s attendees than they are with the characters sweating you-know-whats in their costumes have been uploading quasi-creeper shots of men and their buns. The coinciding Instagram account (@manbunsofdisneyland) gathers them and shares the freshest of pics to its feed. Nearly 18K people eat this stuff up daily. Perhaps its the combination of baby princesses and their adoring male adult figureheads. This is most likely what happens when you wish upon a bun. It makes no difference who you are, really, because anything your heart desires will come to you—like buns and babies, babies and buns. And here you thought Disney couldn’t get any happier.