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    the boy bands we wished had a line of nail polishes, just like one direction

    by · June 24, 2013
    When we first heard that One Direction was getting a line of nail polishes, our collective mind was blown. Boy bands have long had their own fragrances--Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend, anyone?--but polishes? For your fingers?! That we haven’t heard of before.
    If anything could convince us that it’s a good idea, it’s definitely this collection; not only are the colors bold and not run-of-the-mill (there’s even a chartreuse in the line), but these names go along perfectly with One Direction’s “what makes you beautiful” message. Each of the five colors is named for both a band member and an inspiring word, such as “Confident” and “True,” all in honor of the British boy band’s partnership with Office Depot to support anti-bullying education (they’re also putting out a line of school supplies, all under the moniker 1D x OD, hitting stores on July 5).It got us wondering: What all-time favorite boy bands missed out on this genius marketing opportunity, and if they were to pause their perfectly choreographed dances to help us out with our manis, what would their colors look like? We have a wish list:The Band: New Kids on the Block The Polish: Strawberry Step by Step, New Kids Blushin’ on the BlockWhy: When New Kids on the Block hit it big, we discovered all the potential we had to be fan girls to boy bands. If they had a nail polish line in pretty shades of pink, we could have picked a matching lip gloss in hopes of one day kissing Jordan Knight wearing both.The Band: Boyz II MenThe Polish: End of the Royal Blue Road, CeruleancooleyhighharmonyWhy: Boyz II Men made plurals with a “z” a thing, of which we’re forever grateful. What better way to get down with an all-time favorite R&B group than to sport some rhythm and blues (well, mostly blues) on your nails?The Band: Backstreet BoysThe Polish: I Want it That Gray, Backstreet’s Black, AlrightWhy: Let’s clarify which era of Backstreet Boys we’re talking about here: right at the start of the new millennium when Black & Blue came out. It’s pretty obvious that a winter collection of navy blues, dark grays, and other colors that say “I’m feeling moody” would fly off the shelves.The Band:: N*SyncThe Polish: Just Got Paid... in Gold, It’s Gonna Be Me-tallic Why: Real talk--you knew every word to “Dirty Pop” and some sparkly metallic polish shades on your nails (obviously representing the “ice” around JT’s neck that supposedly didn’t matter) would go beautifully against the hairbrush microphone you were probably clutching when you first heard them.The Band:: HansonThe Polish: Mmmbop Mistletoe Red, Forrest in the Middle of Nowhere GreenWhy: The Hanson Christmas album, Snowed In, is hands down the best thing to ever happen to the most wonderful time of the year. If it had come in our stocking along with matching red and green nail polish, we could have maybe forgiven our parents for leaving out the Tamagotchi.The Band: Jackson 5The Polish: ABCoral, Rockin’ Robin’s Egg BlueWhy: Jackson 5 represent the happy times of bell bottoms and some rather large afros. We would have happily rocked some light and happy nail colors to compliment all of the paisley surrounding us.
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