mani monday: as if!

clueless gets its very own nail wrap collection.

by rebecca willa davis

We've got news and it's totally a bigger deal than Cher Horowitz realizing her dream and getting with Luke Perry: Clueless is getting the nail treatment, via NCLA.

That's right, the Los Angeles-based finger-based brand is using the 1995 cult classic movie as inspiration for a capsule collection coming out in September. It includes four different sets of nail wraps, each with a range of patterns inspired by Cher, Tai, Dionne, and more, and it is even more amazing than we could have ever imagined.

You're got your iconic prints (there are yellow plaids and black-and-white stripes), memorable lines (including "You're a virgin who can't drive," of course), and more obscure but equally awesome references (like one that's a riff off of the Cher's Closet computer program).

And though Cher sported a French manicure in the film, we're pretty sure that, if given the chance, she would have sprung for some "Whatever" nail wraps. The better to tell off Amber, right?

NCLA's Clueless Nail Wrap Collection ($16 each) hits stores in September--in the meantime, shop the brand right here!