mani monday: bright idea

neon plus glitter equals summer love.

by rebecca willa davis

Watermelon. Pool floats. S'mores.

There are some things that just feel right in summer--you can enjoy them year-round,but they somehow become even better once the temperatures start to rise.

We include neon nail polish in that group, since it's pretty perfect for a hot July day. And we've found a new favorite: Salon Perfect's Neon Collision collection for summer '13. The premise is simple: Take one neon polish and one brightly colored glitter polish, and combine them. The six shades range from the more subtle (think Jolt, which combines yellow polish and orange glitter) to the eye-catching (Shocked pairs hot pink with turquoise). All offer up a bit of texture and an almost speckled version of your average chunky glitter--and yes, you can layer these polishes over other shades or, if you're feeling particularly manicurious, try combining two shades for an ombre effect (we recommend Bang with Jolt or Kaboom with Zapped).

And like all good things in summer, this one's not going to last forever; it's a limited edition collection, so pick up your bottle now since you can't show off your pedicure once closed-toe season starts.

Salon Perfect Neon Collision is available in all Walmart stores for $3.98 a bottle. Visit for more info.

Bang, Exploded, and Jolt from the Salon Perfect Neon Collision collection

Ombre inspiration!

Kaboom, Shocked, and Zapped from the Salon Perfect Neon Collision collection

Ombre inspiration!