uh-oh! get ready for a major cute overload…

by ali hoffman

True or false: The best part of frozen yogurt are the toppings.

For those who answered "true," we've got a sneaking suspicion this week's Mani Monday is right up your alley.

Enter Frou Frou by Nail Rock, the new embellishment packs to help achieve the perfect 3D manicure. Each kit is themed--one includes cute-looking bears, another is fruit-centric, a third is holiday festive, and then there's our personal favorite, dubbed "Thanksgiving," which features a bizarre assortment of desserts. The itty-bitty charms definitely boast a Japanese Kawaii component, reminding us of the little Sanrio store trinkets we loved as kids. But the best part is definitely the foolproof application process: Simply drop the decal on the nail while the polish is still wet (you can a drop of the glue included for a longer-lasting effect).

And just like frozen yogurt, no matter what color of polish you pick, the toppings somehow always work perfectly.

Check out our Frou Frou mani below and order your own pack here!