mani monday: margarita time!

how to match your nail to your cocktail in time for cinco de mayo.

by steff yotka

Cinco de Mayo is upon us, which means that you're probably somewhere with a margarita in one hand and your besties in the other (if you're not, you totally should be!).

But speaking of those hands; wouldn't it be perfect if they matched your margarita? Problem solved.

Regardless of your cocktail formula (Grand Marnier, real limes, no salt) there's a hue of Hoopla nail polish to match. We tested out the indie brand's Emerald City, Last Call, and Memo shades to determine just how well they'd go with our festive beverages (and outfits!) and can safely report that they will turn your party into a true fiesta. For a little added bonus, we recommend adding some River Rain (a glimmering gold hue) to the tips of your nails to act as the salt on your mani margarita. 

Snatch up your favorite green shade


and cheers to a happy Cinco de Mayo! 

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