mani monday: jinsoon x tess giberson

+ three easy do-at-home manis.

Jin Soon is not a fan of out-there nail art. As a tried and true polish expert, she believes that you shouldn't have to have four years of art school under your belt to creative an impressive at-home manicure. It's that thought that has led her to great success, making her the go-to girl for gorgeous, simple manis on and off the runway. 

And despite the elaborate nail art that's been dominating the scene for the past few seasons, Soon has stuck to her guns. But that doesn't mean that she's content with only creating one polish manis. For her latest collection, in collaboration with designer Tess Giberson, Soon has upped her game a bit with Jasper Johns-esque designs. Using the line's five transformative polishes, she has created three super easy to do at home manis, inspired by Giberson's fall '14 collection. The collection comes out this month, so feel free to cancel your next nail appointment because you definitely won't be needing it. 

Polishes: Pastiche & Heirloom

Step 1: Paint two coats of Pastiche on all nails and let dry.

Step 2: Paint half the nail with Heirloom and then just sweep whatever polish is left onto the nail over to the other side, creating a jagged brushstroke effect.

Step 3: Let dry and apply topcoat.

Polish: Nocturne (or any polish from the collection, really)

Step 1: Paint one coat on each nail.

Step 2: Paint a second coat and quickly dip a nail dotting tool in nail polish remover and squiggle a negative space onto the nail.

Step 3: Repeat for each nail and apply top coat once dry.

Polishes: Heirloom & Melange

Step 1: Paint two coats of Heirloom on each nail and let dry.

Step 2: Dip your brush into Melange and remove most of the polish from the brush. Then make randomized brush strokes in different directions on the nail.

Step 3: Let dry and apply top coat. No crackle polish needed!