mani monday: design your own custom ncla nail wrap

a next-level diy.

Once upon a time (read: just a few years ago), nail wraps were exclusively available to the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Madonna. Then NCLA swept in and changed the game in one fell swoop with its charming patterned wraps; with an at-home application design and an affordable price tag, nail wraps instantly became accessible to the masses. 

Now, not surprisingly, NCLA is changing the game again with its new mobile app, myNCLA. Available to download on the iTunes App Store as of this morning, users can upload any and every image they want—whether it be a photo, picture, hand-drawn painting, fabric swatch, or even a bunch of desk-drawn doodles—add design elements like half moons, orbits, and stripes if they'd like, and instantly create a set of unique nail wraps for under $20. Seriously. 

So download the app, upload your design, and get your snazzy new wraps sent straight to your door! Happy designing!