get ready to bump and grind.

by rebecca willa davis

Doing my nails goes something like this: Pick a polish, spend an hour painstakingly applying it, and then promptly ruining it 10 minutes later when I, say, decide I want to change my outfit or pick up my phone to make a call. The end result? Fingertips that are colored, sure, but also weirdly textured by whatever I ruined my paint job with.

Now, such mistakes are frustrating when they're unintentional; but the beauty of China Glaze's new collection, out this month, is that it's supposed to look rough. Dubbed Texture, the six summer-friendly shades in this series apply like normal polish. But as they dry a slightly bumpy, gritty consistency emerges.

The end result is pretty cool looking--think of it as the edgier cousin to a matte topcoat. But you know where it scores real bonus points? With the fact that a few coats of China Glaze's Texture polish also means that you could do what I do--aka, mess up your nails minutes after finishing with them--and have it be a lot less noticeable. For that alone I give it two very textured thumbs up.

Visit for more info, or pick up a bottle for $6.79 here!

China Glaze Texture in Unrefined

China Glaze Texture in Toe-Tally Textured

China Glaze Texture in Of Coarse!

China Glaze Texture in Itty, Bitty & Gritty

China Glaze Texture in In The Rough

China Glaze Texture in Bump and Grind