mani monday: runway edition

our favorite nail art from fashion week, all in one gallery!

by rebecca willa davis

There's been both good and bad news for nail polish aficionados during Fashion Week. The bad first: We've been seeing lots and lots of barely-there pink. Pretty? Yes. Boring? Definitely. So the good: If nails aren't nude, they've tended to be very bold, very graphic, and very cool. We've been diligently snapping photos and taking notes all week, and for this week's Mani Monday are spotlighting our spring '13 favorites.

THE SHOW: Prabal Gurung

THE LOOK: Contemporary artists Anish Kapoor and Amie Dicke…and Sissy Spacek in Carrie

THE POLISH: Prabal Gurung x Sally Hansen spring '13 shade Angel Bite

THE TIP: Celeb manicurist Tracylee kept nails totally bare--and then carefully added the blood-like drips of polish.

THE SHOW: Erickson Beamon THE LOOK: Inspired by the '66 French film Qui etes vous, Polly Maggoo?

THE POLISH: What A Drag and Disco Nap from Color Club

THE TIP: Simcha Whitehill got an ombre effect by first applying a layer of the silver What A Drag. As it dried, she put a little bit of Disco Nap on a makeup sponge, and then dabbed it on the top and bottom third of the nail. Also: Don't forget to apply a layer of Disco Nap on the underside of the nail!

THE SHOW: Jenni Kayne

THE LOOK: Sophisticated surfer

THE POLISH: Need Sunglasses? and Don't Touch My Tutu from OPI

THE TIP: Instead of doing a full neon nail, turn it into a french manicure--think of it as the grown-up version of Day Glo.


THE LOOK: Taking the floral prints--and turning them into nail art

THE POLISH: Pick your color range and choose three within that family

THE TIP: Instead of brushing from cuticle to tip, just dab the end of the brush all over the nail; let it dry before repeating with your second color (and then again with your third).

THE SHOW: Houghton

THE LOOK: Golden girls

THE POLISH: Don't Pretzel By Buttons and The Man with the Golden Gun from OPI

THE TIP: When wearing an 18k gold top coat, like The Man with the Golden Gun (it's limited edition and hits stores this October), keep the bottom coat neutral.

THE SHOW: Charlotte Ronson

THE LOOK: Ocean-inspired waves

THE POLISH: Gossip Column, Seaside Surf, and Take Me To Your Chateau from Color Club

THE TIP: Using the polish brush, paint a thin layer of one color along the thinnest edge of a cosmetic sponge. Blot it once on a napkin (or the back of your hand like nail artist Simcha Whitehill did), to make sure the polish is completely even and bubble-free. Lightly dab the sponge against each nail, creating a thin vertical stripe. Repeat the process with the two remaining colors.  

THE SHOW: Lauren Moffat

THE LOOK: Preppy op-art

THE POLISH: Pair a nude shade (we're partial to Butter London's Yummy Mummy) with your favorite bright pastel

THE TIP: When it comes to updating bare nails, the key is thinking outside the box--diagonals, stripes, dots…whatever you're feeling at the moment.

LOOKING FOR MORE SPRING '13 TRENDS? HERE'S WHAT WE'VE SEEN SO FAR: Braids: big for spring '13, but you can get twisted right now. If you're not into nail art, may we suggest metallic nails, which we've been seeing EVERYWHERE. Matching your lips with your blush is sooo spring '13. The must-have products…according to the makeup artists and hair stylists backstage.