mani monday: she’s electric

a nail polish that’s on shelves for about as long as it will last on your fingers.

by ray siegel

We know that there are a million reasons to step into your favorite drugstore and walk the beauty aisle, but here's one to get you in there right now: Maybelline's Color Goes Electric nail lacquer collection, which is available for one month, and one month only. The beauty brand created 10 not-quite-neon, not-quite-metallic shades that were influenced by the colors they saw on the runway.

Think a searing chartreuse, a regal purple, and a shimmering turquoise, all made with Maybelline's unique formula (there's flexible resin in there to prevent chipping, plus no formaldehyde, DBP, or Toluene in there) and featuring their new Easy Flow Brush for mistake-free application. In fact, it's Electric Orange which was the official nail polish color of New York Fashion Week.

(As an aside: Who knew there was an official NYFW color?!) What's different? Not the price tag, which is around $3.99 a bottle, but instead the collections' availability: They're only available through March. Come April 1? They'll be pulled from shelves (and no, that's not an April's Fools joke). We're pretty sure, however, that you'll want to keep wearing the shades well after they disappear from stores. Visit for more info and to buy a bottle (or two, or...).