essie’s new repstyle polish is not as dangerous as it looks.

    by · December 03, 2012
    Remember the the ‘snakeskin mani?’ We do because we paid $200 and wasted two full hours having sheets of sanitized snakeskin fitted to our nails. We’re never doing that again, because with Essie’s genius new magnetic polish makes it look like an actual snake sat on your nails and it only takes five seconds. It might look like it’s super hard too do, but there’s no way to mess up this mani if you follow these steps:Step 1: Apply your base coat.Step 2: Apply one coat of polish.Step 3: Apply the second coat of polish to each nail and immediately after, hover the magnet above each nail. Get the magnet as close to the polish as possible without touching it. After only five seconds, the snakeskin pattern will appear. Repeat this step on each nail.Step 4: After waiting for two minutes, apply a top coat.Note: No reptiles were harmed during this manicure.
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