this manicure makes us want to flip the bird.

by ali hoffman

From Cindy Crawford's mole to the gap between Georgia Jagger's two front teeth, many of the most compelling faces in the beauty world boast a so-called imperfection. For spring, Illamasqua's repurposed this notion of perfect imperfections with their I'mperfection Collection, which strives to celebrate freckles, scars, and other markings rather than conceal them.

Enter the Speckled Nail Varnishes, a range of limited-edition polishes available in five different muted pastel shades. Made to resemble the unique markings on bird eggs, we found the polishes to look more like Cadbury candy-coated eggs-- which is definitely a welcome surprise. Even if you're not in to chocolate candies, the matte black glitter specks look amazing upon application, particularly with two or three coats of polish.

The result mixes a dose of girly pastel pretty with a dash of badass sass, which is exactly what we're craving these days in the nail art world. The range hits Sephora tomorrow (February 5th), but since these babies are limited edition, we suggest placing your orders ASAP. After all, the early bird catches the worm, right?