fashematics, karl lagerfeld, daphne guinness

by faran krentcil

Fashion and comic books aren't always a natural fit, though there have been some exceptions: Isaac Mizrahi's graphic novel Sandee The Supermodel was a bestseller in the '90s, comic artist Paul Pope paired with DKNY Jeans for a men's line, and Gareth Pugh's no stranger to capes, masks, and other Batman-esque gear that he sends down his Paris runways.

Now you can add Fashematics to the pile. The addictive Aussie blog that combines robots, X-Men, and Chanel launches its first comic book today, with hysterical results.

Flip through the pages and witness Karl Lagerfeld as The Terminator, McQueen muse Daphne Guinness as an evil robot stiletto killer, and model Freja Beha as a nearly-headless zombie on the Lanvin catwalk.

Will the drawings of evil fembot Prada models offend some stauncher fashion fans?  Probably, yeah.  But let's be honest - catwalk collections are amusingly offensive all the time, so really, this is just part of the style homage.

$20, including international shipping, at Fashematics