Manny Mua And Patrick Starr Talk About Being Men In The Beauty Industry

    And how we can continue to shape it

    by jade taylor and blake vulgamott · October 11, 2016

    Photographed by Amy Harrity.

    The following feature appears in the October 2016 issue of NYLON.

    After taking a leap of faith by creating their youtube channels to show off their skills, makeup artists Manny Mua and Patrick Starrr became overnight sensations (and best friends) in a beauty world that was once believed to be for girls only. Here, we chat self-love, makeup secrets, and how to handle the haters, one highlighter at a time.

    What was your first memory of playing with makeup?
    Manny Mua: When I was a young boy I would watch my mom apply her makeup, so one day I took a lipstick she had and put it on my mouth, trying to imitate her. It ended up all over my face.
    Patrick Starrr:I didn’t play with makeup until I was 17 years old, but I remember stealing my mom’s CoverGirl foundation that was too dark for me [laughs].

    When was the first time you were told it wasn’t okay for boys to wear makeup?
    PS: I’ll never forget the time I was told to wipe my makeup off at the makeup counter I was working at. It was the first moment something like that happened to me in public. All I wanted was to look good and sell what I was wearing on my face.
    MM: I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was in my early 20s, so I never realized that makeup “wasn't for boys,” as many social norms say. 

    Why is it important for men to be represented in the beauty industry?
    PS: Makeup is one size fits all. It makes me feel good and it’s no different than what we eat and what we wear.
    MM: It’s important because being different is beautiful. I believe that society needs to be more open and accepting of things that are seen as “different.”

    What are your dreams for yourself in this industry?
    PS: To bring awareness to parents out there that makeup is art. I want parents to educate and teach their children that men in makeup are no different than anyone else. At meet and greets I thank parents for allowing their children to watch my YouTube channel—it means so much to me. We can change the world.
    MM: I would love to keep growing. I want to become successful and represent a different form of beauty in my generation.

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