from daphne to ruby, we find out what’s on their iPods.

by ray siegel

Models came down the runway in all-out retro looks super '70s, working looks--ones that have flashed forward ten years since last season's Edie Sedgewick moment at Marc Jacobs proper. Their hair was bigger than Grace Coddington's and lips redder than the brightest piece of fruit. But these girls didn't seem like your average Studio 54 dwellers--they meant business. And even if they did hit up the club, their day look was all about getting it done. Despite the retro looks, the soundtrack wasn't straight out of the disco. During the show they walked to Tame Impala and backstage our favorite models were listening to more up-to-date beats. While Shiseido's Dick Page and Redken's Guido was getting the hair and makeup ready we asked each model (even a few of the boys) what they're most likely to listen to on repeat. From whatever's new with The Weeknd too old Arctic Monkeys, one thing is clear: Marc's models leave the '70s to their runway wardrobes.

Ruby Aldridge: Bad Brains - "The Regulators"

Chris Davis: Kendrick Lamar Featuring Drake - "Poetic Justice"

Margita Zuchova: John Legend - "PDA"

Daphne Groeneveld: Rihanna - "Diamonds"

Sam Rollinson: "Old Arctic Monkeys"

Richard Detwiler: "The Weeknd"

Vanessa Axente: Pink - "Blow Me"