Your March Horoscopes Are Here

What the stars have in store for you this month

by christie craft

General: Only the Authentic Survive

Last month, a positively enchanting Dark (New) Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces kicked off the Entwined Fishes’ season of power on February 26, delivering all signs bright flashes of prophecy and a view into the future. There was one caveat, though: This energy is not suited for the lazy, for those with idle hands, or anyone who refuses to see themselves as something other than wounded birds and victims.

March is tinged with a very similar, though decidedly harsher vibe thanks to Venus retrograde, lasting from March 4 until April 15. Personal perspective is absolutely everything this month; in choosing to see an opportunity for self-reflection and self-improvement in a period of inaction and limitations, we’ve already passed Venus’ cosmic test. 

For almost the entirety of March, the planet of love, beauty, luxury, self-esteem, and money will be moving backwards in Aries, throwing a wrench in progress when it comes to working on ourselves. If you’ve been struggling with low self-esteem or defining your identity by unhealthy, off-base Venusian means, March will offer a rich banquet of opportunity to correct your mistakes and ultimately improve yourself from the inside out. A Full Moon in honest, detail-driven Virgo on March 12 will deliver the drive and stamina needed for most signs to address the blemishes and bruises on the face of our self-worth. Paradoxically, because Mars—the fiery war god associated with aggression and action—will be setting up shop in sensual, physical Taurus beginning March 9, we’ll all likely feel much more sexual and compelled to hunt after earthly pleasures of the flesh all month. 

Meanwhile as these cosmic tempests simmer and bubble underneath our surface, all signs would do well to plug away at a core goal this March. Financial, domestic, and professional goals—the ones we hold in highest regard—could see breakthroughs from a steady, determined, practical approach. Keeping the inertia to stay motivated might be challenging in a month of constant frustration, but thankfully March ends on a strong note with an intensely forceful, optimistic New Moon in Aries on the 27th. This lunation will be especially supportive to initiating endeavors relating to improving self-confidence and expressing your authentic individuality. March’s Venus retrograde will rip veils from facades—the only way you’ll make it through to the other side is by being true to yourself and your values. Even if that means diving into the deepest layers of your inner-self to extract your authenticity: The only way out is through the phoenix flames.  

Aries: Awkward Phase

Since the New Year, you Rams have been stuck in a major self-esteem slump, perhaps turning into a harsh self-critic and feeling less beautiful or worthy than usual. On March 4, Venus, planetary ruler of love, luxury, self-worth, and money, will turn retrograde in your sign until April 15. Though retrogrades tend to be mellow times of inaction, this phase will be a powerful time of revolution for beefing up your confidence.The fog of doubt finally begins to lift on your self-image through Venus’ rare retrograde phase, revealing the course of action and necessary changes that must be made to restore your authenticity. Romance is on the upswing through the month despite Venus’ slumber, yet the planetary retrograde might compel you to address some thorny issues surrounding your relationship and dating life threatening your personal independence.  

March is a strange month for you, Aries, despite it kicking off your season of power. Consider this a chrysalis period: March won’t be cushy—the growing pains might be downright uncomfortable at times—but the month’s energy is tailored to making changes that will set you up to thrive. A forceful Full Moon in industrious Virgo on March 12 delivers the perfect atmosphere for cracking down on bad habits. If you’ve wanted to recommit to a fitness regime, polish your nutritional diet, or give up smoking cigs for good, mid-month is an excellent time to tackle making your health and self-care priority. The energy at month’s end might surprise you with how vastly different it feels, thanks to a brilliant New Moon in Aries on March 27. Finally, you’ll have shed the layers of old, dead skin, revealing a shining, new you.

Taurus: Balance + Synergy

March is a month of paradox and contradiction for Bulls with two major astrological aspects playing out: Venus, your signs’ planetary ruler, making her rounds through a rare retrograde phase from March 4 to April 15, and Mars, the war god planet of action and aggression moving into your genteel sign on March 9. Venus, who also governs love, romance, beauty, luxury, and money, will slumber in your 12th House of Secrets and Subconscious, making March through April a prime time for deep internal reflection on correcting the course your personal life has been taking over the last six months or so. Specifically, there’s been an ugly blemish on your love life and perception of self-worth you’ve been willfully ignoring, much to your detriment. The Venus retrograde will help you to identify this crack in the foundation and repair it accordingly, once and for all. Mostly, this will be extremely private internal work—but a breakthrough at month’s end with the Aries New Moon on March 27 will force your self-confidence to begin to shine forth through the veils of doubt masking your authentic self.

While this internal tempest of self-improvement churns beneath your cool, glassy surface, assertive, driven Mars will enter sweet Taurus for the first time in two years on March 9, shining the spotlight of publicity and popularity squarely on you. Until April 21, you’ll have the stamina and energy to tackle any goal you set your ambitious sights on—an enviable position for getting things done, to say the least! Despite any doubts you may have about pushing forward in your external, outward-facing life (career and social life, specifically) before completing this gauntlet of inner work, continue pushing towards the highest pinnacles of your goals this month. It’s all about balance; working on your internal self and external goals in tandem provides vital synergy to succeed.

Gemini: The Company You Keep

March delivers the perfect atmosphere for you to reevaluate and reconsider your friendships and close connections. From March 4 through April 15, Venus, planet of love, beauty, finance, and luxury, will move retrograde through the section of your chart governing friendship and alliances. Expect things in your social life to go topsy-turvy throughout this phase—it’s extremely likely that some of your closest confidantes will reveal less-than-cute sides of themselves, causing you to reconsider their place in your inner circle.

Bad intentions have a way of floating to the surface during Venus retrograde, so if someone’s been using you or taking you for granted, you’ll know this month. You could feud with these friends or flat-out break it off. But if the connection is genuine, the karmic energy will resolve your spat enough to rebuild and preserve your friendship by April 15. Alternatively, if you’ve recently taken a close friendship from platonic realms into becoming lovers with sour results, this period will be poised for addressing and correcting your missteps.  

An intensely industrious Virgo Full Moon on March 12 has the potential to deliver some electrifying news regarding a relative or family drama. Mid-month is also an excellent time for addressing final details in making real-estate deals. If you’re looking to move, buy, sell, or just dip your toe into the real-estate market, the second half of the month is glowing with profit. 

Cancer: Fake Love

You’ve been feeling insecure when it comes to a lack of love, respect, and appreciation from authority figures and superiors—especially at work—for the last few months. Thanks to a Venus retrograde at the top of your chart from March 4 through April 15, this month might be exactly what you need to take new risks in catching your boss’ eye, or simply beefing up your self-confidence enough to shine up your resume and find a new job. 

Don’t be shocked if you experience a proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” moment at work; if you decide to leave your current employer, it’ll likely be because of a tectonic shift and a painful revelation making it clear that you are taken for granted. Keep your eyes peeled for this near the detail-obsessed Virgo Full Moon on March 12. The end of the month is all about fresh, new beginnings at work. A glittering New Moon in Aries illuminates your career sector, giving you a leg-up on starting anew. More than likely, this will be the astrological element that pushes you out of your comfort zone and into new and exciting professional frontiers.

Leo: Not Today, Satan

Many Leos have been mired in legal and financial disputes (think: divorce, red tape in purchasing or selling a business, real estate, and the like) on and off for the past few months. Although March does have a few aces up its sleeve for settling the score—or at least moving toward an equitable breakthrough—the vexations will likely become more frustrating before they get any better. Venus, the planetary ruler of finance, love, beauty, and luxury, will travel retrograde through your 9th House of Philosophy—the house governing law and courts—from March 4 through April 15. Negotiations are nowhere near over, and if you decide to accept an offer or plea bargain during this phase, the results will be less than beneficial or pleasing. Stall talks and wait until after April 15 to close the book if you can. 

Keep an eye on your savings account and any emergency funds you may have squirreled away. An intense Full Moon in nitpicky Virgo on March 12 in your earned income sector has the potential to pin a massive (and completely unexpected) bill on your head. Don’t let your financial anxieties about the future eat you up like a cancer—just keep going until April. If you’re in school or pursuing a degree, the luster on your recent love affair with learning may dull and lose its shine this month. Alternatively, if you’re preparing to enter into a certification or degree program, it’s possible you’ll have to settle for your second choice due to financial restrictions. Once again, if you can press pause on any decision-making until the end of the month, hold out until near the supportive Aries New Moon on March 27.  

Virgo: Death + Taxes

Joint resources—especially shared or split incomes—will come under your microscopic lens this month, possibly stoking angst and anxiety about your financial future. This is all thanks to Venus’ retrograde movement through your 8th House of Sex, Death, Taxes, and Transformation, from March 4 through April 15. With Venus, ruler of love, beauty, luxury, and finance, already out of phase in these areas, it’s highly likely there will be some hiccups connected to your taxes or income secondary to your actual paycheck this month. Although it will be crystal clear that some changes need to be made to bolster your financial health, this is no time to initiate brand-new decisions about your money. Use Venus’ slumber cycle as a means to review and reassess your past decisions. Avoid making any moves until after Venus turns direct on April 15.

Because March is such an intensely transformative month, expect to be more weepy, emotional, and hypersensitive than normal. A poignant Full Moon in your own earthy sign on March 12 will usher in an incredibly forceful turning point, likely pushing you over your limit in your commitment to a relationship or set of personal goals. This Full Moon signals a need for you to bury and mourn a dead relationship or ambition that no longer suits your soul. Domestic matters—and conversations with your S.O. or partner taking a more serious tack—will likely be very difficult, but necessary. You may not feel supported or appreciated at all during this time, and by month’s end when the Aries New Moon hits on March 27, you’ll have the confidence and momentum to push forward in making important changes in dynamic life shifts.

Libra: Relationship Rehab

Blemishes and bruises on the face of your relationship can no longer be ignored by you and your partner or S.O. this month, Libra. Thanks to your ruling planet, Venus, travelling retrograde from March 4 until April 15 in your partnership sector, matters relating to feeling undervalued or taken for granted will be highlighted, signaling a critical imbalance in your relationship. Turning a blind eye to such feelings will have destructive results, but thankfully, one major facet of Venus retrograde is how supportive it is of counseling and mediation. March is the month to give it a shot if your relationship is in peril (and you both care to rehab it). If you’ve already parted ways, Venus retrograde also provides fertile energy fields for reconciliation. A brilliant New Moon in Aries on March 27 ushers in a pivotal turning point in the maturation and evolution of this relationship. 

But wait—Mars will shift into earthy Taurus on March 9, which could send shivers down your spine with a financial shock, likely relating to a major (unexpected) expense or taxes. Days later, a Full Moon in picky, exacting Virgo on March 12 sets your wits over the edge and your soul in need of a long vacation. If you can afford to get out of town—the further and more exotic the locale, the better—escape the rat race mid-month, near March 12. Take your S.O. or partner, or better yet, go it alone and enjoy the solitude. Once you can put your mind at ease, your power and self-confidence will resurge. 

Scorpio: Put ‘Em Up

Major conflicts begin to surface at work this month, and no matter how you (surprisingly) try to diffuse the situation and make nice, scuffles are unavoidable. Venus, planetary ruler of love, beauty, luxury, and money, will be retrograde from March 4 to April 15, stirring the interpersonal pot in your professional life. This cosmic phenomenon often causes dark, shadowy intentions to materialize; it’s very possible that some bleak revelations will occur regarding a coworker or colleague’s underhanded dealings. Discoveries of downright dark deceit seem to lurk throughout the month, causing an emotional minefield. The only remedy may be to call out offenders and schemers point-blank and spark drama.

Business-owners and Scorpios in management may be forced to fire certain employees in order to protect the overall health of the business and staff. If you’re a freelancer, this phase could prove detrimental to growing your clientele or assignment roster. Expect a slow month, business- and money-wise; you can count on repeat business as the backbone of your operations through March. 

Though this may not be the most creatively gratifying or impassioned work, take what you can get for now. 

In other news, lovers’ quarrels may become near-constant throughout the month, particularly after March 9 when Mars moves into bullheaded Taurus. More than likely, these fights will be the result of your own boredom and complacency in the relationship. However you’re trying to spice things up (i.e., making your S.O. jealous, becoming overly critical, jabbing them with mean jokes), it’s causing more problems. Earnestly try to reconnect on human levels or cut your poor catch loose by the Aries New Moon on March 27. 

Sagittarius: Conflict Resolution

Many Sagittarians have recently found themselves newly attached and coupled, thanks to a string of super-supportive astrological events illuminating your love life’s potential over the past months. March might throw a patch of unexpected ice under your relationship’s tread, thanks to Venus turning retrograde from March 4 to April 15 in your romance sector. Consider this your first “real” fight, the one that reveals so much about your S.O.’s character through how they handle conflict, communication, and resolution. 

At worst, their behavior might make you seriously question whether or not you want to continue seeing this person. Either way, getting to know their true values early on will do you favors in avoiding destructive situations. You don’t need to immediately jump overboard once things get rocky, though: Venus retrograde is the perfect time for reconciliation and working through rough waters. It’ll be a challenge for sure, but you’ll come out much stronger on the other side. Alternatively, single Sags might take another look at an ex or have an old flame come back into the picture. Hold off on making any big decisions about this person (...or people) until Venus’ slumber lifts on April 15. 

Meanwhile, your professional life is positively ablaze with potential and personal victory. Fiery Mars enters your career sector on March 9, boosting your energy, enthusiasm, and drive to succeed at work. A major assignment you’ve been plugging away at for ages will finally reach completion near the hyper-focused Virgo Full Moon on March 12. Expect your work to catch a head honcho’s eye. 

Capricorn: Homeward Bound

Domestic affairs are the focus of the month for you, Cap, likely as a long-standing, simmering conflict surrounding your home comes to a head. Venus, planetary ruler of love, beauty, luxury, and money, will turn retrograde in your home sector from March 4 until April 15, bringing any animosities to a boil. If you’ve been butting heads with a roommate or family member, the tension may peak to an unbearable level this month. It’s very possible that you feel taken advantage of or under-appreciated by your housemates; maybe you’ve felt cheated when it comes to dividing chores, bills, and other domestic responsibilities. This is the month to work through these tough spots, rather than letting your resentments fester and stew. Any real-estate sales should be stalled until after April 15, when Venus turns direct again, if possible.

Love and sex will be burning hot this month, too, thanks to aggressive Mars penetrating your romance sector on March 9. For the first time in almost two years, you’ve got all the fire at your fingertips to prioritize earthly pleasures. Capricorns who’ve been suffering through a sex desert can bet money on breaking their sexual dry spell this month, more than likely near the Virgo Full Moon on March 12. A purely sexual connection may develop into something deeper by month’s end; keep your eyes on the prize near the Aries New Moon on March 27.  

Aquarius: Fix’er Upper

March might demand that you regress into deep internal reflection for most of the month, likely focused on old decisions you’ve made in your love life as well as past financial choices. This reflective, pensive mental state can be traced back to Venus retrograding through your communications sector, lasting from March 4 to April 15. Expect visionary flashes from the past to manifest throughout the month, forcing you to re-watch old decisions in your love and financial life you’ve made. You’ll have the chance to rectify and rebalance any regrets you may have been harboring this month.

Beginning March 9, you might start picking more fights with your roommates, live-in partner, or family members, thanks to Mars aggressively charging into your home and domestic sector. Your fuse is bound to be shorter than ever, so do your best to not let your temper get the best of you. Instead, burn off excess energy by starting a DIY or home-improvement project. Watch out for some shocking news regarding your credit, taxes, or major investment near the Full Moon on March 12. The news could go either way: You could be rattled by an immediate expense or you could learn of a settlement of debt, totally unexpectedly. 

Pisces: Money-Minded

You’ve been feeling a subtle pinch in your wallet for the past few months, and that light pressure could develop into a major blockage in your cash flow during March. Venus—planet of love, luxury, beauty, and money—will turn retrograde from March 4 to April 15 in your earned-income sector, forcing your financial decisions to come under the microscope throughout this phase. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself brooding over your past financial decisions; and not just in how you’ve spent your money, but how you’ve earned it, too. Your earning potential can only be strengthened by asking hard questions about how you’re spending your time and talents, professionally. Consider your skills, what you’re worth, and if you’re really happy; by the end of the month, a potent New Moon in Aries on March 27 will give you the stamina and moxie to start making big moves, professionally.

Expect your usually calm temperament to change radically this month, especially when it comes to asserting yourself by speaking up. Your newfound vim and vigor starts brewing after Mars moves into your communication sector on March 9. If anyone’s been taking you as a pushover, you’re about to give them a rude awakening with a serious dose of sass on the side! A business relationship will be highlighted during the Virgo Full Moon on March 12. This lunation has the potential to draw you even closer to this alliance, even delivering powerful feelings of emotional fulfillment, or it could bring revelations of the partnership having soured beyond saving. Either way, the experience will strengthen your mettle for future victories. Don’t fret.