Margaret Qualley NYLON August Issue

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by nylon

With pillow lips, giant eyes, and china doll porcelain skin, Margaret Qualley is undisputedly gorgeous. It's a genetic blessing passed down from her mother, actress and model Andie MacDowell....which makes it all the more ironic that Qualley's features are morphed into a perma-bitchy resting face in her breakout role in the new HBO series The Leftovers. And given the show's plot line, can you really blame her? The uber-hyped drama stars Qualley as Jill Garvey, a high schooler dealing with the mysterious disappearance of hundreds of people in her small town. Her character's mom was one of those missing, so it's no wonder she's pissed off. 

But as writer Maura Walters finds in NYLON's August issue, the 19-year-old is totally charming in real life, unsurprisingly the complete opposite of her sulky onscreen alter-ego. So before you get hooked on The Leftovers, check out an exclusive sneak peek of our interview with Qualley here, and read the entire thing when the issue hits stands tomorrow! 

She's clumsy...and short-tempered.

“I’m the biggest klutz on earth. I always have bruises on my legs," she told us. "I also have horrible road rage. That’s why I had to leave L.A.”

She's an ex-ballerina. 

“Ballet was my whole life. There was no other option in my mind. Then I was offered an apprenticeship at the North Carolina Dance Theatre. I had accomplished this huge goal and then realized I didn’t really want it anymore. I went through an identity crisis at 16.”

She had to convince the director she was right for The Leftovers: 

“At first everyone thought I was too green because I had never worked before, but I loved the role; I didn’t want to miss out. Obviously, I haven’t had the same life experience as Jill, but I know what it’s like to feel like the world is rushing by while you’re just standing there."

She's not used to the red carpet. 

“I really think I might faint on the red carpet. I hate getting my photo taken, and I have no idea what I’m going to wear.”