Maybe Don’t Let Margot Robbie Tattoo You

or do! it’ll be a great story, either way

Getting a tattoo is, usually, a very personal decision. It’s a lifetime commitment, really; so you better be okay with whatever iconography you’re etching into your skin. If there’s a misspelling, well, deal with it.

Margot Robbie has given 26 tattoos in her life. Of those 26, only one is done incorrectly. Last summer, the cast of Suicide Squad shared various images of themselves getting inked at Harley’s Tattoo Parlour. Each tattoo was intentionally misspelled to say “skwad” instead of “squad,” but according to Robbie, she botched the misspelling. “I was writing a word,” she said, “and I spelled it wrong.” It was on Jai Courtney’s cast assistant’s arm. “He put his hand up first to get the first 'skwad' tattoo.” As Robbie’s story goes, “Everyone was spelling it as 's-k-w-a-d,' but I went straight from the 's' to the 'w.'” Swad. Robbie tattooed “swad” onto an assistant’s arm. As Tina Fey jokingly put it, “It’s a good time to be pretty!” 

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5.