Mary-Louise Parker for NYLON Guys

A hottie with a heart of gold…

by Josh Madden

Mary-Louise Parker for NYLON Guys

This a really hard post to write. I for real think I've started and re-started a good two dozen times--why? Well I have a huge, slightly creepy crush on Mary-Louise Parker, and it's been this way for some time. I say slightly creepy because while I don't sit around Google image searching pictures of her, when I was offered the chance to stop by this photo shoot, I said "HELL NO!" This is the effect MLP has on grown men...or at least this one.

When makeup artist to the stars and NYLON family pal Tina Turnbow hit me up and said "Mary-Louise Parker is down to get cute for NYLON Guys" we said "HELL YES!"--and so, the corresponding shoot is the result of this conversation.

Now, I may have chickened out on going to kick it with MLP, but I'll tell you this: I did receive some e-mail correspondence to let our readers know about of some stuff she's been busy with and wanted me to share.

Hopenorth is a charity dedicated to a school in Uganda for child soldiers and refugees, children who have been through terrible things and have nowhere else to go. It was founded by her friend Okello Sam, who was once a child soldier himself. Parker has teamed with Omaze

to created an awesome experience for the winner of a raffle, who will get to hang out with her and other members of the cast of Weeds.

Styling- by Wendy McNett (the sweater is ACNE the hat is BCBG) Hair- by Marc Mena/Bryan Bantry using Nuance by Salma Hayek