should your nail polish and your lipstick be the same color?

by nylon

We're never opposed to wild nails, but not everyone on the runways agreed with us this season: Instead of their dalmatian spots and mad hieroglyphics, Topshop went basic and nude. Chanel eschewed their annual "What color was that?!" manicure in favor of bare fingers. And several brands took the old Mad Men rule of matching your purse with your shoes and made it into a beauty motto: This season, connect your nail polish and your lipstick. Plus: Remember the time we matched our lipstick to our headphones? Among the monochromists this year (and yeah, fine, we totally just made up that word): Dior's Covergirl lipstick in flame with Dior Vernis in Red Royalty, Jason Wu's matching orange nails and lips (we suggest NARS), and Donna Karan paired M.A.C. lip pencil with Deborah Lippmann polish to get her coordinating shades of burgundy. Madonna also matched her nail polish to her album covers! Now Lancome makes it easy with their "In Love" series. Rouge in Love is a group of lipsticks; Vernis in Love is a range of nail polishes, and just like their names, the shades pair up flawlessly. If you want to get on this trend, we've saved you some time and paired up the nail-and-lip exact matches from the collection. The lipsticks are $25, the nail polishes are $15, and you can buy them all online. Too safe? That's cool - Topshop's temporary nail tattoos are still available, and look great on top of neon fingers...

Get Lancome's "In Love" series by clicking here. And check out Refinery 29's ultimate cheat sheet of nail-lip mashups!

Lipstick: Midnight RoseNail Polish: Rose Pitimini

Lipstick: Violette CoquetteNail Polish: Violette Coquette

Lipstick: Fiery AttitudeNail Polish: Madame Tulipe

Lipstick: Sweet EmbraceNail Polish: Rose Plumeti

Lipstick: Sequence of LoveNail Polish: Rouge in Love