Matt Damon Sneaks Onto ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Inside Ben Affleck

yep, you read that right

What is one to do when one has been banned (albeit facetiously) from a late-night talk show? It’s a real and terrible problem with few available solutions.

Well, if you’re Matt Damon and the show is Jimmy Kimmel Live!, you may rely on the help of your equally famous friends. Thus did Ben Affleck sneak lifelong BFF (and co-writer on the Oscar-winning Good Will Hunting) Damon onto Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Academy Awards show last night underneath a very sizable coat. Tricky, tricky.

Kimmel saw through the charade quite quickly, but the damage was done and the mischief managed. Damon took his chair ready to enjoy a stint as a guest despite the (again, completely facetious) ban. Alas, Kimmel was having absolutely none of it. Unfortunately for the Oscar-nominated actor, not only did Leonardo DiCaprio win the award that night, but Kimmel’s guest chairs come with wheels for the easy removal of unwanted guests. That’s what you call forward-thinking set design.

Oh well, maybe Damon may have another shot at sneaking himself onto Kimmel’s show one day. Perhaps Jessica Chastain could bake him into a cake or something. Get on it, Chastain.