Matthew McConaughey Goes Full Schlub In The Trailer For ‘Gold’

He gained 40 pounds for the role

Matthew McConaughey has gold on the brain, and not just because it's the title of his new movie. To play the role of Kenny Wells, a down-and-out schlub who discovers a literal goldmine, McConaughey gained 40 pounds and transformed his chestnut locks into a gnarly comb over. When an actor goes that kind of distance for a part, it usually means they're gunning for Oscar. (Ironically, McConaughey lost nearly 50 pounds for his Oscar-winning turn in Dallas Buyers Club.) And based on the new trailer for Gold, we'd say McConaughey has a shot to win his second statue in four years. 

In the Stephen Gaghan-directed movie, McConaughey's life is crashing and burning, until he meets a geologist played by Edgar Ramirez and convinces him that unfathomable amounts of gold await them in the Indonesian jungle. It turns out he's right, and what starts out as an adventure story quickly turns into a cautionary tale about the corruptive power of money. As McConaughey gets richer, his life spirals further out of control and the FBI get involved. Comparisons will be made with The Wolf of Wall Street, which coincidentally also featured a crackerjack performance from McConaughey.

Gold hits theaters on Christmas Day and you can watch the trailer above.