13 Pieces Of Emerald Jewelry To Evoke The Feeling Of Spring

The perfect gift for May birthdays

A new month has arrived, which means a new birthstone is here to rule: emerald.

The vibrant green precious gemstone is considered a stone of youth, growth, and renewal and believed to evoke a sort of spring awakening within the soul. Which, in our opinion, is something we all need after this long, drawn-out winter.

Looking to bring in a bit of passion in your life? This stone has long been believed to revive it—whether that passion is related to a loved one, a job, or a hobby. It’s been used to attract love when worn or carried near the heart and often wished upon to bring back a lost love. Once used to protect against enchantment and spells, the emerald is also considered a stone of vision and intuition and has been believed to reveal the truth and the future.

Whether you believe in its metaphysical meaning or not, now that spring greenery is (finally) blooming, it’s only right that we put this gorgeous green stone on display. 

Below, we rounded up 13 pieces of emerald jewelry that make the perfect gifts for the May-born Taurus and Gemini ladies in your life—and, most importantly, yourself. Check ‘em out, below.

Photo courtesy of Jennie Kwon

Jennie Kwon, Mini Emerald Eternity Dangle Earring, $220, available at Jennie Kwon.

Photo courtesy of Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner, Caged Emerald Necklace, $145, available at Erica Weiner.

Photo courtesy of Farfetch

V Jewellery, Chrysler Emerald Ring, $138, available at Farfetch.

Photo courtesy of Lumo

Lumo, Long Staple with Emerald Studs, $345 (for single), available at Lumo.

Photo courtesy of Loren Stewart

Loren Stewart, Xanadu Emerald Pearl Bud Ring, $450, available at Loren Stewart.

Photo courtesy of Catbird

ILA, Leone Emerald Earrings, $398, available at Catbird.

Photo courtesy of Merewif

Merewif, Yin Yang Necklace with Emeralds, $88, available at Merewif.

Photo courtesy of Mociun

Mociun, Single Moon Ray Earring, $185, available at Mociun.

Photo courtesy of Finn

Finn, Emerald Pinky Ring, $825, available at Finn.

Photo courtesy of Scosha

Scosha, Open Baby Cuff, $135, available at Scosha.

Photo courtesy of Tara 4779

Tara 4779, Arc Ring, $390, available at Tara 4779.

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

Loren Hope, Mallory Y-Necklace, $44.10, available at Nordstrom.

Photo courtesy of Wwake

Wwake, Minutia Emerald Ring, $250, available at Wwake.