first look: meadham kirchhoff x topshop

we’ve got images of their biggest—and craziest—collab yet.

by rebecca willa davis

When we first heard that Meadham Kirchhoff's fourth collab collection for Topshop would include 89 pieces, our minds started reeling. Because with a line that large--yes, it's the biggest yet for the high street retailer--there was the chance that all of our fave looks from the British design duo would make it in. 

And now that we've got a complete look at the collab, launching November 21, we can confirm that it has everything for the over-the-top dresser. The line, which is inspired by an imaginary band called  The Cherries (the Meadham Kirchhoff duo describe them as falling somewhere between Marilyn Manson and glam rock), features rainbow heeled shoes that look like something Dorothy would wear while tripping on acid, frothy Victorian dresses that nod to the pastel-loving dressers of Harajuku, and enough technicolor Mongolian shearling to ensure that you'd never disappear in a blizzard.

But here's the thing: There are also plenty of awesome options for those who don't dress like they're about to go onstage.

We've gone through the entire collection and picked out the 10 pieces that are most wearable (yes, gold platform Mary Janes are just what your all-black outfit need). From Romy & Michele-esque cherry hair ties to a super bright crochet dress, there's something in there for everyone. (And if you really want to go a little nuts, we've also got the head-to-toe styled images for inspiration.) Click through the gallery to see what we mean.