Mean Girls Deleted Scene - Regina George Lindsay Lohan

regina george is in sheep’s clothing

It’s Wednesday, which, according to The Rules of Feminism, means we wear pink. It also means we sit around, talk about how bad our nail beds suck, and watch Mean Girls. And today’s journey into Girl World is a special one: A deleted scene from the 2004 classic has surfaced. Dare we say it’s fetch?

Here, we find Lindsay Lohan’s Cady fleeing the Spring Fling dance soon after arriving because she spotted her parents in the middle of a dance floor of gyrating teenagers. (Remember: She was grounded for throwing a house party when she could have seen Ladysmith Black Mambazo.) Inside the high school’s bathroom, Regina George and her spinal halo are there, looming behind Cady. They share a nice exchange—well, as nice as a Regina George exchange can be. It’s humanizing, which is probably why it was cut in the first place. Oh well. We can’t all get along like we used to in middle school.

(via Elle)