Mean Girls Read Donald Trump’s Best Tweets

So fetch!

You know it. Donald Trump is—and, if we’re honest—always has been a Mean Girl. Yes, despite his misogyny, his career, and his 69 years of being a human male, Trump is, deep in his heart, the meanest of mean high school girls.

Don’t believe it? Well, honestly, you don’t have to look much further than his social media history. But we get it—who would want to do that when you could see those misogynist, angry, bullying Tweets in action? So, to both prove our point and make your day just that much better, we’ve corralled our own clique of mean girls, given them the meanest of his mean tweets, and let the camera roll. What we got back is just pure magic.

The video also begs an important political question: If Trump is basically Regina George with a series of golf courses, does that make the millions who support him a bunch of Gretchen Wieners? Honestly, it would explain a lot about what's going on in this nasty election cycle.

So click above to see those tweets in action and try, just try, not to have flashbacks to 10th grade (also, try not to be scared for the future of our country).