get mean

    the 10 items you need to channel your inner cady heron.

    by steff yotka · April 25, 2014
    Your favorite high school clique, The Plastics, turns 10 on April 30th and you should totally celebrate by busting out your pink pumps and initial necklaces. (P.S. April 30th is a know what to do.)Just in case you need a little refresher course on Evanston, Illinois' coolest girls, we have the Sparknotes of shopping guides in our slideshow at right filled with all the musts you're going to need to channel Cady Heron or Regina George. Obviously there's lots of pink, purses, and party attire, but there's also a very special varsity jacket and violet blazer for those who are going for a less-Plastic-more-greatest-people-you-will-ever-meet-type look. Either way, you'll look very fetch.
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